Zoom was founded in 1971 and by 2006 founder and general manager Mr. Faroog Khalil Ahmed launched Zoom Electronics to work in the field of spare parts related to all electronic devices and electrical appliances, and zoom was able in a short period of time to lead this field thanks to a constellation of engineers and specialized engineers.


     Zoom Electronics is one of the largest suppliers in Sudan for semiconductors, lab tools, integrated hardware, sound and video equipment, batteries, transformers, sensors and measurement equipment, as well as supplying various electronic and electrical equipment that helps in various engineering sectors. The store also includes a variety of digital elements as well as analogue elements covering many automated systems, communication systems and medical devices.


   Zoom has recently expanded its services to universities, institutes and educational institutions from different regions of Sudan as well as providing various equipment for factories and other fields such as the field of surveillance cameras, fire fighting systems, automatic doors, elevators, vehicle systems and light and heavy machinery, making Zoom the first choice for customers in these fields.